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Courageous Excellence - Standing by Our Mission



If you had a couple of words to communicate your vision/your philosophy what would they be?


Recently, a good friend of mine just returned from a User Conference in Las Vegas.  Walking around the trade show area, he started sending me text messages as he visited booths.  While the texts started out quite funny, they quickly spun into a set of very frustrated, even scathing, remarks.  Why?  Because, in so many cases there was nothing to differentiate any of the services partners.  There were really no messages of consequence beyond the sort of typical boastful rhetoric.

So, I started think about what statement I would make about GetUsROI.  Did we actually do any better job at this? I used to just say we aren’t afraid of anything.  But, this is just as much boastful gibberish as the “we clean up other people’s messes” line that I’ve been hearing since the 1980s.  You see, a  good statement about your mission or beliefs should 1) describe those core beliefs, 2) become a measuring stick for decisions, and most importantly of all, 3) serve everyone you touch - leadership, associates, and business partners alike.

I started to think about my beliefs and took two of the things in which I most believe.  First, I think that courage is one of the most important traits you can have.  Without courage, you can’t have anything else that really matters.  Second, I feel that we should seek excellence in ourselves before expecting it from others.  I started shaping a philosophy around an idea we call Courageous Excellence.  We seek courageous excellence in ourselves, our partners, and our engagements.


Obviously our business group leaders: Curt Harmatys, Jim Bolton, Bill Reyes and I have all signed this.  But what you will also see is another 30 or so other signatures.  This sort of thing is meaningless if we do not all commit.  So, even though we are currently spread out over 3 continents on customer engagements, I asked all of our associates to take a moment, read this and sign up to what it means.     


Now, one of the things about courage is - it doesn’t mean you do not fear things.  One of the biggest  things people fear is uncertainty.   It is nice to know the path ahead, but we do not always have such a luxury.  But, one of the things courageous people do during uncertain times, is to forge their own path.


In the coming weeks, look for a series of announcements from GetUsROI revolving around innovation in the WMS space.

See our Courageous Excellence Philosophy here

Mark Fralick, president of GetUsROI and inventor of the MOCA architecture, also writes for Supply Chain Digest, a leading web-based Supply Chain publication and website, provides industry leading advice on "Fralick on WMS" interviews with Dan Gimore and the Supply Chain TV Channel, and is a well-known WMS architect, mentor, and evangelist.