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Archive Database Instances - It's All About Options


Recently I wrote an article talking about how I think the Cloud is very murky - full of all sorts of abstract ideas and messages.   My main point in the article is my assertion that the Cloud is ultimately about choices and flexibility. 



Simple Cloud Archiving allows our customers to archive their WMS data to Cloud-based NoSQL Databases at a fraction of the cost of owning a full archive server! SEE OUR WHITEPAPER


As we began to work with a number of our customers on Cloud solutions of varying degrees, we started to ponder the big question of  "How do we get from here to there?" in our own thought processes.  Our thoughts instantly moved to the question - how can we produce maximum ROI with minimal impact?

We then examined common issues in the WMS space that we should tackle.  At the very top of our list? Archive Servers.   Archive Servers are a necessary evil in the WMS world - where you need to have your production servers very lean.  However, standing up a whole server (virtual or physical) along with the database necessary to virtually duplicate a production instance, but on a massive scale - is just very expensive.  Think about the enormous cost of creating, maintaining, synchronizing schemas, and caring for these huge database servers that are, for the most part, idle 90% of the day.  


Let's look at the characteristics of an Archive Server in the WMS world:

  • It is a Write Once/Read Many (more likely Occasionally) Database

  • No transactions or concurrency issues

  • Massive amounts of data over time

  • Necessarily long lifetime of data

  • Long-term data protection is critical - as contracts, customer compliance, or government compliance drives retention


Addressing these opportunities, GetUsROI announces several new innovations created by our System Architects:

  • S3 For MOCA-  MOCA components that can write and read data to/from S3.
  • NoSQL Access for MOCA– MOCA components that understand how to iteract with some of thassets/ROI_SimpleCloudArchiving.pdfe newer NoSQL databases – currently MongoDB (for Open Stack) and DynamoDB (for Amazon AWS).

  • Simple Cloud Archiving for MOCA– SCA pulls it all together in a set of capabilities that allow you to utilize the cloud for archiving as if it was part of the native system.  SEE OUR CLOUD ARCHIVING WHITEPAPER


Our technologies are not for sale.  However, they are available at no cost to our customers.  


Visit Service Oriented Scripting or for more information, or call (262) 264-0477 to get started.