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Idea Augmentation, S3 for MOCA, and Cloud Archives

Idea Augmentation?

It all started with a conversation...


Someone recently called me  and started the conversation with "So, you are basically staff augmentation?"    I said NO pretty emphatically.    I felt a bit insulted to have myself thrown in with that sort of ordinary group of staff augmentation vendors.  But I get it.   That is one of the things we do to achieve ROI for our customers.  But it is a small part.  You see, we doggedly pursue ROI on behalf of our customers.  Sometimes that means providing great resources at a lesser rate than the other guys.  Even though we are very good at that, it is not even near the top of the list when you talk about how we contribute ROI.


Simple Cloud Archiving allows our customers to archive their WMS data to Cloud-based NoSQL Databases at a fraction of the cost of owning a full archive server! SEE OUR WHITEPAPER


Here is a good example.  One of our customers just sent me an update that they were saved over $50,000 during the first 3 months of using Simple Returns system.   We also are on pace to save them over  $500,000 thru the first half of the year on other collaborative improvements.   That is not the result of 'Staff Augmentation' - it is the result of 'Idea Augmentation', and focusing on areas of high ROI.

I insisted that we provide unique 'Idea Augmentation' and 'ROI Augmentation'.


In the past 6 years, we have created the following offerings - available for free to our customers:

  • Simple Returns - A returns 'Add-on' that bolts onto any RP/JDA WMS 2004.2 and later.   Customers using this turn their (often) forgotten returns area - into a Returns and Customer Service engine.

  • Simple Slotting - We find that most people that talk about 'slotting' actually have a replenishment coordination problem.  Simple slotting can quickly help these people see more clearly what is going on and shift product placement based on simple rules revolving around rolling averages.

  • MOCA Automation Add-on - An add-on that allows customers include Carousels, Pick-to-light,  PLC-based conveyors  and other automation systems into their system as if they were native parts of the WMS.

  • MOCA Edge Servers - these little solid state units (4x3x1 inches in dimensions)  are helping our customers remove some of the issues revolving around  MHE interfaces (and other low level  data applications) and centralized and cloud deployments.


We proudly add to that history of innovation by announcing S3 for MOCA and Simple Cloud Archiving.


S3 for MOCA:  GetUsROI customers can communicate to and from the popular Amazon S3 Cloud-based service.


NoSQL  for MOCA:  Now it is possible to communicate directly with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, DynamoDB and HBASE locally or via the cloud.


Simple Cloud Archiving(SCA):  Removing the need for archive servers,  SCA allows our customers to archive their WMS data to Cloud-based NoSQL Databases at a fraction of the cost of owning a full archive server.   Everything stays under your control and you decide deployment options.  See our whitepaper for more information.  This is free to GetUsROI customers. 


As for Staff Augmentation... Yes, we do that too.  See our unique MyWMSTeam option for getting high-quality on-demand staff options for about 1/2 the cost of other vendors.