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RedPrep - Basic Analysis of Risk/Rewards
We get asked this all the time: "Is there any ROI in an upgrade?"  Well, that is the question isn't it.  Unfortunately the answer isn't an obvious one.  However, no one has more experience doing upgrades of RedPrairie software and we can very quicky show you the areas of risk and concern and those of potential ROI.  Price: $5995.


If you already have decided to do an upgrade and you just need technical and functional guidance and assistance, this is the package for you.  For one fixed fee, we will provide you the the guidance and advice your team needs to move quickly and effectively through the upgrade process.  All areas of the system are covered, MOCA, .NET development, Reports, new Functionality, etc.  The contract is for up to 4 months of support.
Price: $19,500.



This includes full analysis of every aspect of your system, all of the modifications, Data Model Changes, GUI changes (OCX to .NET),  Report Changes, RF Forms, etc.  We fix bid the investigation phase of this engagement , provide detailed specifications of all modifications required.  You can then take on those changes yourself, out source those modifications to us or any other vendor.
Price: $48,995.


Due Diligence Package

Having performed many Due Diligence evaluations, we have developed a unique framework that permits us to, in one day, provide you with a very detailed view of the technical position of the target company.  This package is a one-day, in-depth technical due diligence session that yields two documents.  The first is an executive summary, suitable for senior management, that provides a high level depiction of the technology.  The second document provides the details revolving around the 15 areas of questioning that typically take place.  This type of service is typically used as a first step technical analysis - usually taking place prior to a Letter of Intent (LOI) but after mutual non-disclosures. This package is priced at $2,995.   


RedPrairie Packages

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Due Diligence Package